Writing A Character Reference for A Student
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   Writing A Character Reference for A Student

Writing A Character Reference for A Student

Character reference letters are important aspects of a student's application for college, for a job, or for admission to a club or group. Standard applications don't provide the recipient with enough knowledge of a student, so the recipient may want letters from those who know the student best, and who can attest to that student's qualifications and capabilities.

If you are asked to write a character reference letter for a student, consider what you think the recipient would most like to hear. Your goal is to get this student admitted, hired, etc., so you want to be sure you write what you would want to hear if you were the one in charge of admissions or hiring.

Keep your letter succinct but detailed. This means get specific material in the letter, but try to keep the thing to a page or less. Remember that whoever will be reading this letter will also be reading countless others, so you don't want that person to groan when he/she sees that you've written a three-page missive on the student's ability to multitask.

In the letter, begin with how you know the student, and for how long. Provide slight details about your own qualifications, such as what subject you teach at school, what your job is at the student's place of employment, etc.

It might help you to make a list of the qualities you've noticed in the student in the time you've known him/her. You can then address these qualities in the letter, with perhaps some stories that back them up, or your opinion on how these qualities will help the student at the college or in a new place of employment.

End the letter by reaffirming that you can completely recommend the student for admission to the school or employment at a company, whatever the case may be. And advise the recipient that he/she may contact you if he/she has any questions about the student.

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