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   Character References in Resume

Character References in Resume

There are definitely benefits to including character references in your resume. If you are able to get any of your references to also write letters, that's even better.

To include references in your resume, give them their own section. This section should be headed "References," or "Character References." Most people include two or three references.

The ideal reference is a former (or current) employer, though including a personal reference is also acceptable. The point is to list people whom you know will speak about you in glowing terms should they be called by a potential employer, so only include those who you know will do just that. Remember that potential employers look more favorably upon references who have known you for a long time, so consider not listing the person you just met last month, even if he/she really seems to like you.

Keep it simple, and just list the references' names, phone numbers, and possibly email addresses, since many people like to contact references that way.

Be sure to tell your references that you have included them on a resume, so that they aren't surprised if they receive phone calls or emails about you.

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