Character Reference Letter Examples

   Character Reference Format

Character Reference Format

The format for a character reference letter is often not a predetermined one. In general, you'll want to write it like a standard letter, with a greeting, a body, and a closing.

In some cases, the person for whom you're writing this letter may have a template or form given to him/her by the person or organization that will be receiving the letter. If that happens, make sure to follow the format completely. Remember that if you fail to follow the instructions, it may reflect negatively on the person who asked for your help.

Assuming there is no template or specific form you need to follow for a character reference letter, follow this general format and you'll have all you need to write the perfect letter:

I. Date

II. Greeting (Dear Sir or Madam, To Whom It May Concern, etc.)

III. First paragraph

      A. Purpose for writing

      B. How long you've known person, and in what capacity

IV. Body paragraphs

      A. Detail subject's positive qualities

            1. Include specific a specific story or two

      B. Affirm your recommendation, or your assessment of character

V. Conclusion

      A. Reaffirm your recommendation or assessment

      B. Offer to answer any further questions if recipient wants to contact you

VI. Closing (Sincerely, Thank you, etc.)

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