Character Reference Letter Examples

   Character Reference Letter for Employment

Dear {Recipient},

I am writing in regard to {Name's} application for employment at {name of company, store, etc.}.

I have known {Name} for {length of time} as {his/her} {employer, coworker, friend, etc.}. In that time, I have grown to known {Name} very well, and I believe I can offer a true assessment of {his/her} personality and character.

In short, any place would be lucky to have {Name} as an employee. {He/she} is dedicated, and cares about putting out quality work at all times. {He/she} is also incredibly efficient, using all {his/her} time at work wisely and in the name of completing a project.

On a personal level, {Name} is kind and generous, and well-liked by everyone {he/she} meets. {He/she} is funny without resorting to mean humor, and has a way of engaging all types of people. In fact, I don't believe I have ever heard another person say a bad word about {Name}.

I fully recommend {Name} for the open position at {name of company, store, etc.}, and I hope you will jump at the opportunity to have this kind of person as a member of your team.

Thank you,


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