Character Reference Letter Examples

   Character Reference Letter for A Teacher

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to indicate my full support for {Teacher Name's} admission into {graduate school, program, etc.}.

{Teacher Name's} teaching style is engaging and interactive, and students in {his/her} classroom walk away each day with vast amounts of new knowledge, but with the memory of having a great time while gleaning that knowledge. This is what makes {Teacher Name} one of the most popular teachers at our school.

I have worked alongside {Teacher Name} for {length of time}, and in that time I have learned so much from{him/her}. In fact, {Teacher Name} is always willing to take the time to discuss teaching practices with {his/her} colleagues, ensuring that the rest of us are able to make the same efforts with our own students.

{Teacher Name} would be ideal for {graduate school, program, etc.}. I can't even imagine how {he/she} could become a better teacher, but I know that I probably said that last year, too, and {he/she} is even better today. So I look forward to seeing the changes that occur as a result of {graduate school, program, etc.}. If you want a teacher with character, integrity, and a passion for teaching, look no further than {Teacher Name}.

Please contact me if you have any questions.



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