Character Reference Letter Examples

   Character Reference for Teenager

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing in regard to, {Name}, who was {applied for employment, applied to a job, etc.}.

I can emphatically recommend {Name} for {employment, admission to college, etc.}, as I have spent {length of time} getting to know {him/her}, and learning what kind of person {he/she} is.

For just a teenager, {Name} is incredibly mature, and not given to the typical teenage frivolity. {He/she} is focused and dedicated to {his/her} future. And in an effort to get the future {he/she} wants, {Name} has worked hard in school. {He/she} has maintained a {number} G.P.A., and has participated in many extracurricular activities, including {list of activities}.

{Name} is a good person, who deserves to see {his/her} dreams realized. I believe that{getting into this college, being employed, etc.} is a step in that direction, so I hope you will consider {admitting, hiring, etc.} {him/her}.

Thank you,


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