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   Character Reference for Son

Dear {Recipient},

I am writing in regard to {Name}, my son, who has {applied for employment, applied to college, etc.}.

I wanted to write from a {mother's/father's} perspective, which is obviously a bit biased, to let you know what kind of person my son is. But don't assume that I'll be writing glowing things simply because {Name} is my son. Please understand that I would be impressed and in awe of him even if he weren't related to me. That's just how amazing he is.

From the time he was a little boy, my son has been a kind and generous soul. He was always the quick to give a hug or a kiss to me or his {mother/father}, and the first to defend the less fortunate. He was also an incredibly gifted student, often forsaking social events in order to make sure that he understood the work given to him by a teacher.

My son is a talented, wonderful person, and I wish I could say that I had everything to do with it. But I think it's just the way he is, and would be with or without my help. I'm sure you will find him to be everything I've described, and more.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.



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