Character Reference Letter Examples

   Character Reference for Parole

Dear Parole Board,

I am writing in regard to the parole hearing for {Prisoner Name}.

{Prisoner Name} was imprisoned for {crime committed} {length of time} ago. In the intervening {months or years},{Prisoner Name} has worked diligently at rehabilitating {himself/herself} through {getting an education, learning a craft, community service, etc.}.

Moreover, {Prisoner Name} has a strong support system should {he/she} be released. {He/she} has a job offer from {name of person offering job} and {he/she} will be living {location where prisoner will be living}. {He/she} will be making every effort to start a new chapter in life, and to put this awful history behind {him/her}.

{Prisoner Name} can't do any of those things without your help. {He/she} is just looking for a second chance, and I hope you will help to make that a possibility.

Thank you,


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