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   Character Reference for Babysitter

Dear {Name},

I heard that you are interested in hiring {Name} as your babysitter, so I wanted to pass along my wholehearted recommendation.

{Name} has watched my children on and off for {length of time}, and I could not be happier with {his/her} work. My children beg for {Name} by name, and will literally be pushing me out the door when {he/she} arrives! That's how much my children love {him/her}.

It should be noted that my children do not love {Name} because {he/she} gives them candy and soda all the time. Rather, they love {him/her} because {he/she} treats them with respect, plays engaging games with them, and generally makes {his/her} time with them an enjoyable learning experience. {He/She} is like a teacher, a mother, and a fun older {brother/sister} all rolled into one.

In short, {Name} is exactly what both parent and child hope for in a babysitter, and I can't imagine passing up the chance to have {him/her} care for your children.

Good luck,


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