Character Reference Letter Examples

   Character Reference for a Student

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing in regard to {Student Name} and {his/her} application to {school, group, etc.}.

I have been teaching {Student Name} for {length of time}, and generally acquainted with {him/her} for {length of time}. I believe I am in the perfect position to evaluate {Student Name's} strengths and weaknesses, and with those in mind, I can easily recommend {him/her} for {school, group, etc.}, without reservation.

{Student Name} is a highly intelligent student, and is able to apply {his/her} knowledge in the classroom setting, as well as in {his/her} daily life. In addition, {Student Name} is thoughtful and kind toward others, and is very much liked by his peers and his other teachers alike. Some students with {Student Name's} intellectual capability tend to be introverts, but {Student Name} is just the opposite. {He/she} engages others and actively seeks social interaction, while at the same time maintaining {his/her} academic workload.

You will have no regrets in admitting {Student Name} to {school, group, etc.}, and a multitude of regrets if you choose to deny this admission. I am happy to give you more information about the assets that {Student Name} possesses, so please do not hesitate to contact me with any further questions.



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