Character Reference Letter Examples

   Character Reference for Family

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to recommend the {Name} family for admission into {a club, a group, etc.}.

As you know, I have been a member of {the club, group, etc.} for {length of time} now, and I have seen the type of members we are looking for to add to our ranks. I can tell you that the {Name} family is exactly what we want.

I have known the {Name} family for {length of time}, and in that time I have gotten to know them quite well.{Parent Name} is a caring and loving {mother/father} who works hard and still manages to find the time to devote to {his/her} children. {Other Parent Name} is also incredibly giving and loving, very organized, and also pretty fun to be around.

I can think of no reason why the {Name} family should not be admitted to {the club, group, etc.}, and I hope you will not hesitate to push this application through so that the {Name} family will be able to enjoy all the benefits of being a member, and the rest of us can enjoy the benefits of claiming them as one of us.



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