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What Is a Character Reference Letter?

A character reference letter is a brief (1-2 page) letter that has been written on behalf of a candidate that sums up their best qualities.

A character reference can be written by anyone who has known the candidate long enough to get a good grasp of their personality, achievements, mindset, and goals. Teachers, former employers, coworkers, clients, pastors, and classmates are all good potential references. In the case of Court and immigration appeals, family members can also be good resources.

The recipient of a character reference is someone who can positively affect the candidate. This could be a judge, school admissions board, scholarship committee, employer, or immigration office. The character reference is intended to help convince the recipient that the candidate is a good person who should be seriously considered.

A character reference is always positive. It is not intended to give a full, unbiased picture of the candidate. Instead, it serves to promote their good qualities, both in temperament and in accomplishments.

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