Character Reference Letter Examples

   Teacher Testimonial

My {husband/wife} and I have been through a lot of teachers with our {son/daughter} because {Child's Name} struggles with {learning disability} and has trouble with {subject/skill}. The other teachers made {him/her} feel stupid and {he/she} had multiple behavioral issues caused by frustration and feelings of low self-esteem.

Everything has changed since {Name} became our teacher. {He/she} is not just a patient, creative educator-{he/she}'s a miracle-worker! Over the course of {amount of time}, {Name} took the time to plan and execute {list of specific exercises/activities}, both during and after school. {He/she} included me and my {husband/wife} in the process and we decided on the best courses of action together. {Child's Name} has learned to {better behavior} and comes home from school happy for the first time in years.

We could not be happier with {Teacher}, or {his/her} dedication to each individual student's needs.


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