Character Reference Letter Examples

   Sales Representative Compliment Letter

To Whom It May Concern:

Having been a {homeowner/business owner/ad manager/etc.} for many years, I have engaged with more than my share of salespeople. As you can imagine, I have seen it all, from meek to pushy and everything in between.

{Name}, who recently sold me {product/service/ad}, stands out from the crowd. They were patient, attentive, and sincere. While they represented your firm assertively, I never once doubted that they had my best interests at heart.

I am exceptionally pleased with the quality of my {product/service/ad}. This is largely due to your rep’s sales skills. They matched me with exactly what I needed.

I hope that you send {Name} the next time I am in need of service. They were such a pleasure to deal with.


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