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   Personal Fitness Reference

Dear Sir or Madam,

As a dedicated {type of athlete} athlete for the last {amount of time}, I have had a lot of personal fitness trainers. Some were helpful, while some were just bullies. But nobody has been honest, firm, motivational, and inspiring the way that {Name} is. I cannot recommend {his/her} services highly enough.

{Name} became my trainer {number} years ago when I was training for {event/sport}. {He/she} completely changed my workout by {strategy}. What I appreciated most, though, was that {he/she} explained the physiological, health, and psychological reasons behind the changes. I was able to learn the ways in which I was maximizing my health, safety, and time. I appreciated the thorough knowledge, sympathy, and attention that went into explaining it to me. {He/she} never patronized me or dismissed my questions.

{Name} is also tough and exacting without being unfair, mean, or demanding. {He/she} set a rigid schedule and helped me meet it through {tactic} that helped me {stay loose, build muscle, keep a good schedule, etc.}. It's the reason I was able to {achievement}.

I am so grateful to {Name} for all of {his/her} hard work in getting me ready for {big event}, and for changing the way that I care for my body. I recommend {him/her} completely, without reservation.



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