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   Midwife Testimonial

{Name} has been present for the birth of both my children, {Name} and {Name}. When I was first pregnant in {year}, I was frankly terrified at the new life that was suddenly being thrown at me. I was searching for answers in every book on how to do pregnancy correctly, how to birth correctly, how to breastfeed correctly—and no one seemed to agree!

{Name} changed all that. {He/she} had plenty of knowledge and resources for every aspect of my pregnancy, but {he/she} also made me feel like my instincts and needs were what was best for me and my baby. Under {his/her} tutelage, I began to trust myself better.

{Name} was also a solid and comforting presence throughout the birthing process. {He/she} was a rock, {brief anecdote illustrating how}.

I am so blessed to have had {Name} as part of my and my children's lives.


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