Character Reference Letter Examples

   Employment Reference

Dear Sir or Madam,

I would like to submit this reference to recommend {Name} for the {position} position at your company. I am a {position} and, having been {Name}'s {boss, colleague, employee} for the past {number} years, I can attest to {his/her} strong character, work ethic, and drive.

{Name} came to work for {Company} in {year}, and was an immediate asset to the team. {He/she} soaked up every new piece of information and read the handbook thoroughly before coming in, leading to {productivity increase, taking on numerous jobs, relief in other departments}. {He/she} has always offered to take some of the workload from others and to stay late to finish projects before their deadlines.

{Name} is also a courteous and considerate {boss, colleague, employee}. {Brief anecdote about the way he or she is conscious of shared space, gets to know other employees, is always polite, etc.}. We have had a brighter, more enjoyable atmosphere with {Name} around.

While it saddens me to see {him/her} go, I am confident that {Name} will be an asset to your company and a model employee.



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