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   Daycare Testimonial

{Daycare} is an absolute dream. I had a lot of anxieties about leaving my child in a new place with other children. I feared bullies and colds and bad behavior and chaos. I love my little {Name}, and I admit that I had some separation anxiety.

{Teacher} immediately put those fears to rest. {He/she} had a calm, gentle demeanor and a way of connecting with kids so that they listened and learned. There was nothing demanding or harsh about the environment or the people. Everything was clean and friendly, with a lot of focus on {subjects} and {activities}.

{Name} has now been at {Daycare} for {amount of time} and absolutely loves it. {He/she} has made so many wonderful friends and learned a lot about {subjects}. The teachers have always made me feel included in my child's development, and I always feel relieved when I drop {him/her} off, knowing that {he/she} is safe and in good hands.


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