Character Reference Letter Examples

   Court Character Reference From Family

Your Honor,

I am writing this letter to speak on the behalf of {Name}, who is due to appear before you in Court on {date}.

{Name} is my {husband/wife}. We have been married since {date} and have {number} children together. I understand that the {charge} charge against {him/her} is indicative of criminal behavior and needs to be taken seriously, but it is completely out of character for {Name}, who has always been even-tempered, gentle, and kind.

{Name}'s role in our family is integral to keeping everyone fed, healthy, and educated. {He/she} learned to drive and got a driver's license just so that {he/she} could take the children to school {distance} away. {He/she} also works two jobs at {Company} and {Company} to help us pay the {bills} bills. {Name} has always been a hard worker and a wonderful, protective {father/mother}. {He/she} would do anything to make sure that there was food on the table and clothes for the children. {Example of industrious and committed behavior}.

In addition to working and parenting, {Name} has been an irreplaceable caretaker for {relative}, driving {him/her} to doctor appointments and weekly physical therapy sessions, and apportioning morning medicine. {Brief example of caring and loving behavior}.

I would not be able to care for {relative} and our children on my own, and we do not have the money for {assistive care}. {Name} is such a powerful and positive force in our lives, and {he/she} has kept our family together under incredible adversity. I hope that there are options available to help {Name} atone for {his/her} mistakes without tearing our family apart.

Thank you for your time. Please feel free to contact me any time at {info}.



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