Character Reference Letter Examples

   Court Character Reference From Employer

Your Honor,

I am writing this letter to speak on the behalf of {Name}, who is due to appear before you in Court on {date}.

I have been {Name}'s employer at {Company} since {date}, and in that time {Name} has always been a model employee and a sincere, hardworking individual. {He/she} is also a staple in our community, frequently volunteering for {volunteer activities} and training new employees in {training subject}. {Name} also has to commute {distance} from {his/her} home in {City}.

I understand that {Name} has behaved in an inexcusable way, and I believe the Court will make a fair and balanced decision. It is my belief that {Name} has done and can continue to do a lot of good at {Company}, both in furthering {innovation} and as the sole provider for {his/her} family of {number}. If {Name} loses {his/her} license, {he/she} will be unable to commute to work and may be reduced to unemployment.

I have known {Name} since {date}, and I know that this has been an incident that has galvanized {him/her} to reevaluate {behavior} and seek a safer, healthier lifestyle. I hope that does not come at the cost of {his/her} job, because {he/she} will be sorely missed.

Thank you for your time. Please feel free to contact me any time at {info}.



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