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   Court Character Reference Alcohol

Your Honor,

I am writing this statement on behalf of {Name}, who is set to appear before you in court on {date} to request {expungement, leniency, reduced bail, dismissal} regarding {case}.

I am {Name}'s {relationship to Name}, and I have known {him/her} for {number} years, since {date}. I am a {profession} at {Company} in {location}.

{Name}'s actions on {date} were a direct effect of {his/her} struggle with alcohol. {Description of incident}. {He/she} had suffered from {erratic behavior, violent tendencies, etc.} before the incident. Since the events on {date}, however, {he/she} realized what a dangerous and destructive path {he/she} was on and has made a complete and impressive change with {his/her} life.

{Name} has been part of the AA program since {date} and hasn't touched alcohol since {date}. The effect has been astounding on {his/her} personal and professional life. {He/she} has {started volunteering, become a mentor, gotten involved with the church, etc.} {He/she} is much calmer, more thoughtful, and newly devoted to {his/her} {job, family, religion, etc.}.

{Name} understands that {he/she} needs to face the consequences of {his/her} behavior. However, over the last {amount of time}, that behavior has been replaced by a much more stable, reliable person. I am proud of {Name} for the positive changes {he/she} has made.

Thank you for your consideration.



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