Character Reference Letter Examples

   Couples Counselor Testimonial

{Name} saved my marriage. There's no other way to put it. When my {husband/wife/partner} and I decided to seek counseling, we were close to the end. It seemed like we fought all the time, and even when weren't fighting we were resenting each other for some hurt feeling or another. We didn't know how to connect anymore.

Our experience at {Organization} with {Name} changed all that. During a {number}-week course, we were given the tools to communicate kindly and to heal some of the damage we had caused to each other. {Name} taught us the fundamentals of non-accusatory language, empathetic communication, and intimacy. The whole program felt safe and non-judgmental. Both of us appreciated {his/her} approach, which never took sides or cast blame.

It's been {amount of time} since we completed our therapy, and we are the happiest we've ever been. I cannot speak highly enough of {Name} and {his/her} services.


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