Character Reference Letter Examples

   Church Letter Of Good Moral Character

Dear {Name},

I am writing to speak to the good moral character of {Name}. {Name} is fully qualified for {security clearance, ethical work, admission, etc.} due to {his/her} staunch ethical nature and thoughtful consideration of {issues}.

I have known {Name} since {date}. We met during a Bible study class that I was teaching, and I quickly became impressed with {his/her} compassionate and incisive views on {ethical issue}. Since that first discussion, {he/she} has been a regular member at {Church} and has been thoroughly involved in building community outreach.

Over the last {amount of time}, {Name} has spearheaded {project}, which is a {description of project} that benefits {demographic}. {He/she} has also helped participate in {fundraiser}, which raised {amount of money} for cause. {He/she} is hugely generous with {his/her} time and effort. I have never met a kinder person. {Example of kindness}.

It is my belief that a good moral character is made up of a kind heart to guide a person and a sharp mind to regulate them. {Name} has the perfect mix, and is an ideal candidate for {application}.

Thank you for your consideration.



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