Character Reference Letter Examples

   Character Witness Statement

Your Honor,

I am writing on behalf of {Name}, who is due before you in Court on {date} for {charge}. Although I am aware of the nature and severity of the charge, I would like to speak to the wonderful qualities of {Name}: namely that {he/she} is a steadfast caretaker of {his/her} relative, a hard worker who provides for {his/her} family, and a kind and loving person.

My name is {Name}, and I'm a {profession} for {Business/Organization}. I have known {Name} since {date}, and I consider {him/her} to be a good friend and a fantastic {role}. We see each other {frequency} to {activity}, and I have always taken note of {his/her} kindness to others and devotion to {his/her} family. {Personal anecdote illustrating this point}.

In addition to working {number} jobs to support {his/her} children, {Name} is also very active in community events. {Description of projects or fundraisers he/she participated in}.

I understand that {charge} is a serious crime and I cannot speak to the nature of the incident. I can only say that I have known {Name} for {amount of time} and can testify that {he/she} is a kind, thoughtful {role} who works hard for {his/her} family and community.

Thank you for your consideration.



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