Character Reference Letter Examples

   Character Reference from Supervisor

Dear Sir or Madam,

My name is {Name} and I have been working with {Name} at {Company} for the last {amount of time}. For {number} of those years, I have been the Manager of the {Department} Department and {Name}'s immediate supervisor. I therefore feel qualified to speak to {his/her} work ethic and overall character.

You can learn a lot about a person's character based on their work habits. {Name} is always punctual, alert and ready to dive into action. {He/she} frequently volunteers for difficult or complex projects and always does an immense amount of research before starting something new. {He/she} has never flinched away from a request, nor asked to be deferred to another project.

{Name} is patient, helpful, and a problem-solver. When we had a {nature of problem}, {Name} sacrificed {his/her} time and effort by {solution to problem}, even though it meant {sacrifice}. That kind of dedication and goodwill cannot be found in many employees.

{Name} is one of our best employees and also, I am happy to say, a good friend. It is my pleasure to vouch for {his/her} character whole-heartedly.

Thank you,


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