Character Reference Letter Examples

   Character Reference from Parole Officer

To the Members of the Parole Board,

I'm writing this letter to speak on the behalf of {Name}, who is set to appear before you on {date} for violation of {his/her} probationary terms.

I have been {Name}'s parole officer for the last {amount of time}, and I am uniquely equipped to understand both the severity of the situation and the unfortunate circumstances that led to it. I can attest to {his/her} sincere efforts to reestablish an honest and productive life after being released from prison. {He/she} has a family, a job at {business}, and is actively participating in {community activity}.

I believe it was {his/her} devotion to this {job/family/community activity} that led to the violation. {Brief explanation of mitigating circumstances}. I have spoken to {Name} about the incident, and I am moved by how upset and regretful {he/she} is. {He/she} understands that this was a huge breach in the contract of trust we have created, but {he/she} is also anxious to approach the behavior from a new angle and reestablish a good relationship with {his/her} community.

I believe that {Name}'s desire to obey the law and reintegrate into society is sincere and true, and I am happy to vouch for {his/her} honesty and character. Thank you for your consideration.



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