Character Reference Letter Examples

   Character Reference for Daughter

I'd like to offer some insight as to the character of my daughter, {Name}. Due to recent events, I suspect that you do not have the full picture of the kind of person she has been and can be.

When {Name} was little, she was always the first to {compassionate gesture}. She was fun, funny, and well-liked. She did well in school and sports and met every challenge with grace and determination. When {incident} occurred, no one was more surprised than I was. That's not because I buried my head in the sand or lived in denial. It's because I know my daughter. She is simply not that type of person, and this behavior was truly an anomaly.

I have already taken steps to address this issue with {Name} and she assures me that she is on board with the plan to {action plan}. I assure you that she has the character to tackle this challenge.

Thank you for being open to hearing about my experiences with my daughter. No one knows {Name} like I do.

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