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   Character Reference Visitation

Dear {court official},

It has been {time period} since my {relative/friend/coworker/student} has seen {his/her} kids. This separation has been heartbreaking for {name} but even more so for {his/her} children who love {him/her} so much.

Despite {his/her} personal pain, {name} has not spent the time away from {his/her} kids idly. In fact, {he/she} has gone above and beyond to prove that {he/she} is willing and able to do whatever it takes to comply with any conditions for visitation. {He/She} has {list parenting classes, rehab, other relevant steps}.

Before {incident} the led to this situation, I had the pleasure of seeing {name} interact with {his/her} children many times. {He/She} was always a patient, kind, and active parent. {Anecdote}. I never saw {name} do anything to place {his/her} kids in an unsafe or neglectful situation.

{Elaborate on changed situation, etc.}

I respectfully urge you to take a fresh look at the situation and approve visitation between this loving {father/mother} and {his/her} children. Thank you for your consideration.



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