Character Reference Letter Examples

   Character Reference Tutoring

I am writing this reference on behalf of {Name}, who is applying to become a tutor at your organization. As {Name}'s {employer/teacher/student}, I strongly recommend {him/her} for this position.

{Name} has been my {student/teacher/employee} since {date}. The same qualities needed to be a tutor have been exemplified in {him/her} since day one of our professional relationship. {He/she} is always on-time and prepared with {lessons/homework/the daily work}. {Name} is an energetic self-starter and always looks for new and innovative ways to make the material more exciting. {His/her} enthusiasm and creativity is an inspiration to me, and definitely what I would look for in a tutor.

In addition to {his/her} work ethic, {Name} is also qualified to teach {subject} well. {He/she} graduated with a degree in {subject} and a GPA of {GPA}. Since graduation, {he/she} has put that knowledge to use by doing {projects}.

Thank you for your consideration. I am available for questions during {days/times} at {contact information}.

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