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   Character Reference Traveling Companion

To whom it may concern,

It takes a special sort of person to make a good traveling companion, and {Name} has those qualities in spades.

{Name} accompanied me to {destination}, and over the course of {time period} we didn't bicker or encounter any other significant interpersonal issues. {Name} is one of the most laid-back people I've ever met; I have never known someone who can so readily roll with the punches and unexpected travel and transportation glitches. I am not always that "chill," so traveling with someone who could offset my personality quirks is a must.

That is not to say that {Name} is deferential or dull. {He/she} took an active role in our itinerary as well as day-to-day decisions. {Name} is flexible, frugal, and fun to be around. I recommend {him/her} as a travel companion without hesitation.



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