Character Reference Letter Examples

   Character Reference Traffic Offense

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing this reference letter for {Name}, who is appearing before you concerning {traffic offense}.

I am {Name}'s {relation} and have known {him/her} for {number} years. I have ridden in a car with {Name} behind the wheel on a regular basis during that time. I have never felt nervous or concerned for my safety when {he/she} is driving. {Name} has always been extremely mindful of the laws, as well as {his/her} and others' safety.

{Name} is my {carpool, ride to work, etc.}, but {he/she} has also driven my children to various activities and events. I have never been worried about their welfare because I have found {Name} to be cautious and protective. I once witnessed {him/her} perform {superior driving skill} to avoid a driver who was {dangerous driving mistake}.

To the best of my knowledge, {Name} has never driven after imbibing any intoxicating substance. I have never seen {him/her} talk on the phone while driving, and {he/she} always asks others to read directions or change the radio so that {his/her} concentration never strays from the road.

I believe in {Name}'s honesty and responsibility absolutely, and I hope that you will take this into consideration when considering {his/her} case.

Thank you,


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