Character Reference Letter Examples

   Character Reference Student Suspended

To Whom It May Concern:

As their {relationship}, I am writing to urge you to exercise discretion in the discipline of {Name}, a student facing suspension from {High School Name}.

I am confident that the incident that occurred is not reflective of {Name}’s true character. I have always known them to be thoughtful, compassionate, and peaceful. I never would have imagined that they would stand accused of {possession of substance/theft/property damage/bullying/harassment/threats/etc.}. In addition, this is a first offense, and {Name}’s presence at school does not pose a danger to others.

{Name} is a {strength/GPA} student, who plans to {future plans such as college or workforce}. Having a suspension on their record, in addition to the disruption of their studies, will create a barrier that will make it even harder for them to succeed due to {family issues/at-risk status/etc.}.

I urge you to review the state Education Code and the suspension process, especially since {Name} is not entitled to a formal hearing. Please consider instead making a referral to support services and intervention teams. You have discretion here, and exercising it can make the difference in the life of this young student who has simply made a mistake.


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