Character Reference Letter Examples

   Character Reference Student Ethics Violation

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing on behalf of my {student/employee/etc.} who stands accused of violating the university’s code of ethics.

{Name} is the last person I would have expected to {cheat/plagiarize/vandalize/violate rule/etc.}. During the {time period} I have known them, they have always exhibited honesty, dedication, and {other positive attributes}.

After speaking with {Name} and learning of the circumstance of {mitigating factors}, I am confident that this is a one-time incident that will not be repeated.

{Name} is an exemplary {student/employee/colleague} with good moral character. I know them best as the person who {positive anecdote}.

I urge you to exercise your discretion, and rather than {expulsion/termination/loss of scholarship/etc.}, impose a punishment such as community service.


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