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Dear Sir or Madam,

As {Name}'s {sport} coach for the last {amount of time}, it is my pleasure to provide a character reference on {his/her} behalf for the {sport scholarship name} scholarship.

I take tremendous pride in my athletes, not only for their physical abilities and determination, but for their educational aspirations as well. I am not only a coach, but a {profession} as well, and I believe in a comprehensive, well-rounded education. {Name} represents the best of my athletes in that respect: {He/she} spends {number} hours a day on {fundamentals, exercises, etc.} while balancing schoolwork that includes {AP classes, college courses, etc.}.

{Name} has never missed a practice or given any less than 100% at a game. {He/she} has a sense of fairness that extends both to teammates and other teams' players. {Brief anecdote about conduct on or off the field}.

{Name} is a hard worker and a dedicated athlete. {He/she} is also a balanced individual who is already working hard to get a degree in {field}. I believe that {Name} would be an outstanding member of {School Name}, both on and off the field.



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