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   Character Reference Social Work

Dear Sir or Madam,

Through this letter, I hereby vouch for the strong moral fiber, honest character, and trustworthiness of {Name}, who is applying for a license to practice social work in your {district/county/etc.}.

I have known {Name} in a {professional/personal} setting for the last {number} years, and we have spent a lot of time together {as coworkers, in a communal activity, as close friends, as roommates, etc.}. I can attest to {Name}'s respect for {him/herself} and others. {He/she} has a very even temper and no mental disabilities. I have personally witnessed {his/her} calm, rational approach to conflict. {Brief anecdote about applicant's empathy, conflict resolution, etc.}

{Name} lives an active, healthy lifestyle within the community. {He/she} does not do drugs and I have never known {him/her} to drink excessively. {He/she} already has an active presence in {community activity}, and {his/her} commitment to social work is about more than just work; it's a devotion to helping others and providing care to those in need.

I believe that {Name} will be a tremendous help to both an employer and those seeking social services. Thank you for your consideration.



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