Character Reference Letter Examples

   Character Reference Security Guard

To Whom It May Concern:

I recommend {Name} for employment as a security guard.

{Name} worked for {Company Name} under my supervision for {period of time} with no issues. In fact, when I had an extra shift to fill, I always called them first. {Name} is agreeable and reliable, both qualities that aren’t always easy to find.

{Name} patrolled {property/location} by {foot/vehicle}. Occasionally, they were positioned at {desk or door}, and were always attentive. They were comfortable interceding when there were security issues, and also had occasion to interact positively with local law enforcement. {Name} also had no trouble operating electronic surveillance equipment.

I fully vetted {Name}, and their record is clean. I foresee no issues with them if you were to bring them onto your team.


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