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   Character Reference Rental Property

Dear Sir or Madam,

My name is {Name} and I have known {Applicant} for more than {amount of time}. I believe that {Name} is exactly the sort of tenant you would want at any rental property. Not only is {he/she} financially responsible and gainfully employed, but {he/she} is also respectful and quiet.

{Name} has a great job at {Company} and has worked there loyally for the last {amount of time}. {He/she} always puts work and responsibilities before recreation and, to the best of my knowledge, has never been late with any payments.

{Name}, while a good friend, prefers to go out for socializing and never throws big or loud parties. The most people I've ever seen in {his/her} house at a time is {number}, and even that is on special occasions. I go over to {his/her} house quite often, sometimes unannounced, and I have never seen it look anything but clean and tidy.

In short, {Name} is neat, responsible and quiet. I think {he/she} would make a great tenant and recommend {him/her} whole-heartedly.

Thank you,


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