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   Character Reference Recovery

Dear {court official},

I'm writing to you today about my {relative/friend/coworker/student} because I want to communicate my perspective on the great strides {he/she} has made in the recovery process.

{Name} knows all too well that {drug/alcohol} will be a temptation every single day of {his/her} life. But thanks to {12-step program/rehab facility/etc.}, {he/she} has the tools {he/she} needs to fight these demons. Furthermore, I and other friends and family members stand by as a support system.

After spending a great deal of time with {name} recently, I can state without reservation that {he/she} is ready to {visit children/have a job/move out of halfway house}.

Thank you for the opportunity to add my voice to {name}'s cheering section. {He/She} is truly a success story.



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