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   Character Reference Professional Organizer

To whom it may concern,

There's no one I'd trust with the embarrassing mess that is my home other than {Name}. {His/her} skills as a professional organizer are unmatched.

{Name} not only comes up with strategies to declutter and develop spaces that make sense with the flow of my life, {he/she} gets to the root of emotional attachment to items and really helps me reframe my perspective on "stuff." (While I am not a hoarder, {Name} also has experience with those very difficult cases.)

I tried other organizing services in the past, but all they did was move things around and sell me containers and closet "systems" that didn't address the real issues.

My home is now a comfortable oasis thanks to {Name}. Not only do I have less unneeded stuff, the stuff that I do have is well-organized and accessible when I need it.



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