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   Character Reference Probation

Your Honor,

My name is {Name} and I am {Defendant}'s {spouse/child/partner/parent}. I am writing this letter to testify to {Name}'s character and to request leniency in {his/her} sentencing. {Name} recognizes that {he/she} made a terrible mistake and a poor decision in breaking the law and is ready and willing to accept rehabilitation and probation that will actually help {him/her} return to a productive life.

{Name} is the sole {provider/caretaker/driver/etc.} for our family and has always done a wonderful job {list of specific selfless or difficult tasks}. While this has been a difficult and thankless task, {he/she} has always performed it gladly and without complaint. However, {he/she} is also responsible for {list of responsibilities} and has been struggling under the weight of stress and demand. I believe that {crime} was born of temporary frustration and not in character at all.

{Name} has always been a community-driven, law-abiding person. {He/she} has always counseled {his/her/our} children to respect even the smallest rules for crossing the street, littering and buckling up. {He/she} models that mentality every day when {example of following the law}. This lapse in judgment was not in line with the {man/woman} I have known for the last {amount of time} at all.

Please contact me at {contact information} if you require any further information about my {relation}. {He/she} is a moral, dedicated person who is sorely needed at home and in {his/her} community.

Thank you,


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