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   Character Reference Private High School

To Whom It May Concern:

In all my {number} years of teaching middle school, I have met only two or three students with as much natural promise as {Name}. They are the type of student who would benefit greatly from a private school experience. Additionally, due in part to their {underrepresented background}, they would bring a special perspective to {School Name}.

{Name} is a natural talent in {subject}, who, quite honestly, is not being challenged here. When we heard about the {program} at {School Name}, we reached out to {Name}’s family and urged them to apply for admission and scholarship consideration.

When {tragic event or social cause}, {Name} sprang into action, {rallying volunteers/gathering donations/raising funds}. When our school needed someone to step up and {task}, {Name} was first to volunteer. They also represented our school in {competition}, winning {awards}.

I expect that you receive many reference letters on behalf of students from families of children who already attend, as well as from tutors, coaches, and music instructors. {Name} does not have these connections, and thus I wish to re-emphasize that I am ready to rally everyone at {Middle School Name} to speak on their behalf.

Thank you for considering offering {Name} a place at your prestigious private school.


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