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   Character Reference Preschool Admission

Dear {Admissions Committee},

It is with great enthusiasm and a warm heart that I recommend {child's name} as an incoming student at {preschool}.

{Parent name} and {parent name} are longtime friends of mine, and I've had the pleasure of observing {child's name} and {his/her} little sister, {child's name}, for many hours, including at multiple play dates in my home. {Child's name} is patient, caring, and bright beyond {his/her} years.

{Child's name} is an adorable child, with no major behavioral issues. Based on how sweet {he/she} is with {his/her} baby sister and with my own children, I certainly don't anticipate any conflicts. However, if a challenge of any kind were to arise with {child's name}, I'm confident that {his/her} amazing parents {name} and {name} would be quick to address it.

{He/She}'s a curious child, and loves to ask questions. In fact, {he/she}'s a bit of a chatterbox. {He/She}'s always eager to show off {his/her} language skills as well as the latest addition to {his/her} dog figurine collection.

I'm certain that {child's name} would be a fun, inquisitive addition to the {preschool name} preschool family.



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