Character Reference Letter Examples

   Character Reference Pet Adoption

Dear {pet adoption center},

When {name} told me {he/she} needed someone to write in support of {his/her} adopting a {cat/dog/other}, I jumped at the chance. I can't imagine a better forever home than with {name}!

{Name} is patient, caring, and attentive. I've seen {him/her} interact with animals in a positive way many times. {Examples/anecdotes},

{His/Her} home is spacious and clean and an ideal environment for a {cat/dog/other}, and there are no issues with landlords or other barriers to adoption. Additionally, {his/her} work schedule and financial situation are conductive to pet ownership.

{Name} has waited so long for the right time to adopt just the right pet. I hope that you will agree to place this lucky {cat/dog/other} with {him/her}.



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