Character Reference Letter Examples

   Character Reference Parole Violation

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing in support of {Name}, who was recently accused of violating their parole.

I am their {relationship}, and as such have special insight into the situation.

Since their release on {date}, {Name} has been a model parolee, never missing a meeting with their probation officer, and always in full compliance with the terms of their probation.

On {date}, our family experienced an emergency. What happened was {explanation}. Without fully processing the implications on {Name}’s parole status, my {relative} prevailed upon them to {travel out of state/provide transportation/associate with known criminal/etc.}

{Name} would never have intentionally violated their parole. I urge the {board/judge/officer} to consider these extenuating circumstances when deciding how to proceed.

{Name} has been doing so well, staying clean and sober and holding down a job. It would be a shame if they were harshly penalized for this error in judgment.


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