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   Character Reference Parole From Victim

Dear Parole Board,

My name is {name}, and I was the victim of the {property crime} committed by {convict name}.

Being victimized by {name} was frightening and life-altering. It left me on edge and unable to trust others for quite some time. As I {told police/testified} at the time of the offense, I felt it very important that {he/she} realize the impact of {his/her} actions and serve time for it.

Now, {number} years have passed. While I will never forget the crime committed against me, I feel compassion toward {name}. I subsequently learned of {life circumstances} that made {him/her} more likely to be involved in criminal activities. I've had the opportunity to {visit/communicate} with {him/her} and {he/she} has expressed deep remorse and also told me about {rehabilitative activities} while incarcerated. I feel confident that {he/she} is at a low risk to reoffend.

Additionally, I have learned that the sentence imposed greatly exceeds the usual time imposed for such crimes. For this and the aforementioned reasons, I feel strongly that {name} has served the appropriate amount of time and should be granted parole.



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