Character Reference Letter Examples

   Character Reference Parole Board

Dear Parole Board,

My name is {name}, and I am writing to urge that you grant parole to {name}. I am {his/her} {teacher/friend/sister/etc.}.

{Name} has served {number} years of {his/her} sentence, and that time has resulted in a tremendous amount of reflection and growth on {his/her} part. Over the course of these years and many visits, it has become clear to me that {he/she} is a changed {man/woman}.

My {friend/relative} has expressed deep regret for {his/her} role in the crime. {He/She} has completed {anger management/other courses} and realizes what led {him/her} to make such terrible choices. I am certain that {his/her} life going forward will take a much different path.

While incarcerated, {name} has not only bettered himself but also served as a mentor and inspiration to fellow inmates. {Examples}. There is so much more good {he/she} could do for the world if released.

I whole-heartedly ask you to grant parole and release {name}. {His/Her} friends and family stand by ready to assure that {his/her} transition is a smooth one.



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