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   Character Reference Pardon

Dear Sir or Madam,

My name is {Name}, I have known {Defendant} for {number} years as {his/her} {friend/relative/pastor/employer} and I have a {number}-year history as a {legal profession (ideally)}. New evidence has come to light concerning {Name}'s case and {he/she} is seeking a(n) {absolute/conditional/general} pardon for {crime}.

While I understand that it is not my place to argue with the decision made by the courts, I have always firmly believed in {Name}'s innocence, largely because of {his/her} {abhorrence of violence/respect for all life/devotion to helping others/etc.}. It is a rare individual in our community who commands as much respect as {Name}, both for {his/her} professional achievements and familial values. {He/she} has acquired {professional accolades} as a {position} and is known to {offer free services to inmates/homeless people, donate equipment, etc.} {He/she} also has a loving family of {names, ages, sexes} who are devoted to him.

Rather than being a threat to society, {Name} is an asset. {He/she}, to my knowledge, has never harmed, threatened or treated anyone unkindly. {He/she} is a strong, ethical person who has worked hard and persevered. I would be happy to reiterate or elaborate on this subject in person should you require it.

Thank you,


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