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   Character Reference Opening Statements

Character Reference Opening Statements

An opening statement can be tough. You want to make sure that you make a clear point, have the right tone, and establish yourself as the reference for a candidate. Fortunately, when it comes to character references it's best to be straightforward.

For your opening statement, it's almost always best to identify whom you are writing about. This is because you never know when your character reference might be separated from other documents and read on its own. Before you start gushing about the candidate, make sure the reader knows who that candidate is.

Sample: "I am writing on behalf of Karen Holden, who is applying for the Customer Service Position at XYZ Inc."

An opening like that shows that you know exactly who and what this is for and that you fully support the venture. It also shows that the candidate got a specific reference for this application and did not reuse a generic one. You don't need to start with who you are or what you do, because the candidate should be the center focus for the opening of the letter.

If you'd like to start out a little more effusive, you can bake your enthusiasm right into the first sentence. Say how honored you are to testify to the candidate's qualifications, and use the next few sentences to set up the best qualities that you'll delve into in later paragraphs.

Sample: "It is my pleasure to speak to the talents and moral character of Karen Holden, who is applying for the Customer Service Position…"

Other variations on this work equally well, and you can choose from a variety:

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