Character Reference Letter Examples

   Character Reference Not Guilty

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing this reference letter for {Name}, who is pleading not guilty to {charges}.

I am {Name}'s {relation} and have known {him/her} for {number} years. I was not a witness to the charges being brought against {Name}, but I can attest to the strength of {his/her} character and {his/her} honesty.

{Name} has been a trustworthy and loyal {friend/employee/roommate}. Even rules such as {employee code example, dorm room rules, apartment guides}, {he/she} followed to the letter. More than that, {he/she} has always followed the reason behind the laws. {He/she} respects others' space, privacy, possessions, health and safety. I have witnessed {example of these traits}.

I am not suggesting that {Name} is perfect. {He/she} makes mistakes like the rest of us, but {he/she} has always been honest about it. Once, when {Name} {description of mistake}, he she was honest and forthright in admitting it to {authority} and accepting {his/her} punishment.

I believe in {Name}'s honesty and responsibility absolutely, and I hope that you will take this into consideration when considering {his/her} case.

Thank you,


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