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   Character Reference Nomination

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing this letter in order to nominate {Name} for {admission/membership/award} due to {his/her} outstanding work within the field as well as {his/her} unwavering dedication and strong moral character. I have been {Name}'s {relationship} for the last {amount of time} and so can highly recommend {him/her} without reservation.

{Award/membership} seeks to reward people who are devoted to promoting and nurturing {aspect/skill}, and {Name} has proved that {he/she} is fully committed to raising awareness, drawing in new participants and creating events. {Name} has worked for {Company} on a purely volunteer basis for {amount of time} and has always gone out of {his/her} way to come up with creative ideas such as {promotional gig/fundraiser/activity}. I have never seen {him/her} come in late or without a full dose of enthusiasm and energy for the cause.

Some people are active because it looks good on a resume, and some people are active because they truly believe in a cause and want to spread that infectious zeal with others. {Name} proved that {he/she} belonged in the latter group by {examples of behavior outside of the work/project}. {He/she} doesn't just work for {cause}; {he/she} lives it.

Thank you,


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